Bob Grover founded GrovTec in 2006 as only a true entrepreneur can; with little funding, lots of family participation and an abundance of sweat and tears. Real proof of that came in his second year of business when he had to sell his prized possession, his 1967 Chevelle, in order to make the month’s payroll. Today GrovTec is a thriving business with a product line of highly respected gun accessories and a contract manufacturing capability that will match any high performing company in the Northwest. Using a philosophy and desire to control his own destiny, Bob has acquired a wide variety of manufacturing equipment and capabilities that can support multiple industries and needs.

After watching his previous employer move the business and his job to China after 18 years, Bob suddenly had a decision to make. Having been the Manufacturing Manager and assisting in the move to China, he could move his family out of Oregon and continue to support the China activities from Kansas or he could find something else. Bob made the decision to purchase the majority of the Oregon division’s manufacturing equipment and he has never looked back. Since 2006 he has continuously added equipment and capabilities to include 10 CNC machines along with strengthening his manual screw machining arsenal and adding spring and wire forming manufacturing.

Bob began his employment in Oregon working on the production floor for a gun accessories manufacturer. He progressed on to their Machine Shop and held the roles of Machine Operator/Setup Person, Davenport Lead, Machine Shop Foreman, ISO Coordinator and finally Manufacturing Manager. During this time Bob completed studies in Manufacturing Technology, CNC Operations, Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. Bob was a key member of the design team and was involved in multiple patented products.

Today GrovTec, under the leadership of Bob and his wife Deb, has assembled a management team of industry experts with years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Planning, Purchasing and Corporate Accounting. The plant is located in Wood Village, Oregon and has machining and soft goods manufacturing housed in two facilities measuring a total of 68,000 ft².

True to its history and culture as a family run business, GrovTec’s doors are always open and visitors are welcome to stop by.




GrovTec was founded on old school morals with new school standards. Since day one, GrovTec has looked for ways to expand our services and better support our valued partnerships. Purchasing new multi axis capable machining centers and focusing on value added operations such as finishing and mechanical assemblies.

Today, GrovTec is on the journey for perfection and mastery. It takes a substantial amount of hard work to get a machine shop as diverse as GrovTec’s to run like a well oiled machine. It takes a team of passionate and dedicated employees leading the charge, which is why our main focus is supporting the growth of our employees and providing opportunities to grow and be heard.