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GrovTec Machining provides high-quality machined and industrial sewed products for a range of specialized fields. We currently manufacture parts for the aerospace, sporting goods, automotive, transportation, communications, medical/dental and fastener industries.

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Perfection in a finished part is defined by much more than a tight tolerance. It includes design, materials, finish, function, durability and cost. Delivering on this total package is the foundation of the GrovTec mission.

Prior to tooling ever touching raw materials, the expertise of GrovTec’s engineering team will have inspected every aspect of the part in relation to your requirements. Is the design sound? Will the specified materials perform? Is the desired manufacturing process the most cost-effective? Can this part be improved? What’s the process for patent submission? And of course cost quotes, lead times and firm delivery dates are without question.

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GrovTec provides full-service close-tolerance contract machining of metal products and precision sewing in our soft goods division. Our design support service includes quick-turn prototyping in conjunction with your needs. Our diverse manufacturing equipment accommodates exceptional versatility, including finishing process services for those who do not have their own capabilities. Our process begins with your custom part prints, drawings, or samples for evaluations by our engineering team.

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Broad variety of machining capabilities with CNC and diverse Screw Machines


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